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Testimonial 1


"As a serving Police Officer, I know how hard it can be to find workmen you can trust nowadays. I would without any hesitation recommend Premier Fascias and Cladding to anyone. They use top-quality materials and complete the job in a very professional manner. I have already recommended them to my colleagues."


Plymouth customer, June 2009

Testimonial 2


"I am writing to express our grateful thanks for the super job you did for us recently. Your prices are very reasonable and your workmanship is of the highest standard....Thank you again for doing such a splendid job and making our home look like new."


Paignton customer, July 2009


Testimonial 3

"We have nothing but admiration for the way you carried out the job, tidying up afterwards each night and turning up early in the morning. We had costed various companies and you carried out the work at a reasonable cost and to a standard of workmanship that would be hard to beat."


Kingskerwell customer, July 2009

Testimonial 4

"Efficient, high-standard work with a minimum of disruption. I would be happy to recommend Premier Fascias and Cladding to anybody."


Exeter customer, August 2009

Testimonial 5


"After requesting many quotes, I finally selected Premier Fascias and Cladding and on completion I was totally satisifed not only with their workmanship, but with a price no other competitors came any where near to with their quotes!"

Torquay customer, June 2010

Testimonial 6


"We picked Premier Fascias and Cladding because they came over as the most genuine and workman like of all the firms we contacted. We have NOT been disappointed! The work is superb and Mr Jerry Bassett and Mr Nigel Wood have been most pleasant."

Torquay Customer (November 2010)

Testimonial 7

"Nigel & Jerry, you did some rejuvenating work on our home almost 2 years ago now and we would just like to let you know it still looks like you just finished your work even now - two years later! You did a splendid job on our home and it really has given it a new lease of life. It has taken 30 years off of how old it looked before. We will be, without hesitation, recommending you to all of our friends looking for any similar work doing. "

Robert - Torquay (July 2013)









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